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Vancouver Seminarian
"Henry Yeung"

I was born in Hong Kong and I studied in the Catholic schools there. In my years at primary school, my mother taught me to play the piano. After my high school years, I came to Canada and studied Computer Science at the Dalhousie University in Halifax. After my graduation, I returned to Hong Kong and worked for a couple of years. I then came back to Canada as an immigrant in 1994.
My interest in the priesthood began early in life when I joined an altar boy’s group. I received a good example of what it meant to be a Christian and followed Jesus through my Aunt Rose’s life and faith. During China’s communist regime she was persecuted because of her faith and was put in prison for many years. All through this she followed Jesus with her whole heart. Her life had a great impact on my faith and vocation.

After I moved back to Canada, I felt the Holy Spirit guiding and leading my way through scripture and prayer. I gradually felt that there was a renewal of my faith and a deepening of my understanding of God’s Will through the bible. At the beginning of the year of Jesus Christ (1997) I had a spiritual experience where I met Jesus Christ and my heart was ‘converted’ by His love and mercy. Later, I felt that God was calling me and asked me not to turn away from His call. After a period of discernment and struggling with doubt, my heart was renewed by grace and I was happy to say ‘Yes’ to Him. In 1998 I studied Philosophy at St. Philip’s Oratory in Toronto. In 1999, I came to Vancouver and entered the pre-theology program at the Seminary of Christ the King. In the seminary I enjoyed the prayerful atmosphere of the studies and the daily life of the community. Finally in 2000, the Holy Spirit led me to join the Archdiocese of Vancouver as a diocesan seminarian.

In general, it made no difference to me whatever kind of life I chose whether it was religious or married life. I just opened my heart and said ‘Thy Will be done’ and then followed Him because He calls me to be good. I believe a vocation is neither in the future nor in the past but at the present. In this way I seek His will in my daily life. I did not choose to follow Jesus but rather I chose to respond to Him. I accept my weaknesses and limitations, and I put my focus on Jesus who was crucified on the cross and whose love gives me strength. It is in this way that I would not be afraid to go ahead. Although I do not know what is going on in the future, I just know that Jesus asks me to walk with Him and be faithful to His call.